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Breaking 90: Knock it down to hit your targets
Created on 10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM

Tiger Woods has won a lot of tournaments hitting a shot called "the stinger." This is a knockdown shot, and I believe the fastest way for you to break 90 is to hone this shot. Why? Tiger will tell you it's the best way to control ball flight and keep the ball in play. Especially on a tight hole or in a tense situation. Keep the ball down to hit more fairways and greens.

Knock it down to hit your targets

To hit a knockdown tee shot, grab your favorite long iron or hybrid. Tee the ball just off the ground, and address it with your weight slightly favoring your front foot and the ball slightly behind its normal position. Your shoulders should be level with the ground. When you swing, think "low ceiling." Don't let your swing get long enough to hit the "ceiling" on the backswing or follow-through, but you need to accelerate through the shot. The ball will fly lower and will stay in play.

Golf Digest October 2006


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