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Breaking 100: Ingrain a good swing path
Created on 2/1/2005 12:00:00 AM

Trace an inside-out swing path to draw the ball
To correct a slice, you might have heard the term swinging from "inside out." What it means is the club should travel on a path inside the target line right before impact and then travel outside the target line immediately after impact. This path allows the forearms to release naturally and corrects a slice. To get a feel for this, stand your golf bag in front of and just to the left of your left hip. Make practice swings at half speed, without hitting the bag. After a few minutes, remove the bag and then hit some balls tracing that swing path.

To improve your takeaway, don't whack the bag
Most beginners take the club back too far to the inside and then have no choice but to loop the club around and to the outside at impact. This produces shots that either pull on a straight line left of the target or slice on an arc that curves well right of the target. The reason they take it too far inside is that they roll their wrists to the right as they take the club back rather than hinge the wrists up as their shoulders turn away from the target. To correct this, stand adjacent to your golf bag and make backswings without hitting the bag.

Golf Digest February 2005


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