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Range Tips - Warm-up vs. practice
Created on 7/1/1998 12:00:00 AM

The driving range is for practicing your swing, as well as warming up for a round. The two, however, are completely different exercises.

Warm-up is a time to prepare yourself for the day’s play, not a time to change your swing. Begin by hitting some short pitches. Move through your bag gradually, working your way up to the driver. Your goal is to find out what your ball flight is going to be for the day, as well as to establish a rhythm that enables you to make solid contact.

A practice session is the time to work on your golf swing. Begin the session with a specific goal. Conclude your practice when it’s accomplished. Improvement involves the correct diagnosis of your fault and a drill or exercise to correct it. Rehearse the drill, then execute the shot. Continuous repetition leads to the desired change.

Golf Digest July 1998

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