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Range Tips - Get Your Shoulders In Line
Created on 12/1/1998 12:00:00 AM

Get Your Shoulders In Line

Your fingers can help you

Alignment is a very important part of the golf swing to work on at the practice range. To hit straight shots, make sure your feet , hips and shoulders all line up correctly. Of the aforementioned body parts, the alignment of the shoulders has the largest influence on the direction of the shot, because they control the arms, which in turn swing the club.

An easy way to check your shoulders is to let the club drop and point your index fingers at each other.


Parallel Equals Square

Good alignment requires you to be parallel to the target line. Here, the club on the ground has been placed parallel to that line, which runs through the ball toward the target. If your finger parallel the club, your shoulders are aligned correctly.






Off Line: Adjust shoulders

If your fingers aren’t parallel to the club align your shoulders until they are. By marking the adjustments, you have greatly improved your changes of hitting a good shot.

This drills also extremely useful in putting, which requires precise alignment.




Golf Digest December 1998




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