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6 Short-game Solutions for Saving Par - Executing the half-wedge
Created on 1/1/2009 12:00:00 AM

Executing the half-wedge

When you're close enough to the green that you can no longer make a full swing, focus on body turn and acceleration. Most amateurs try to hit half-wedge shots using only their arms. Even worse, they slow down the club because they swing out of fear of hitting the shot too far. To control distance, let your body power the motion and accelerate the club.

How to: On the practice tee, address a half-wedge shot with your right foot back and up on its toes (right). This forces you to make a body swing, pivoting around your left leg. It also helps position the bottom of your swing past the ball, ensuring crisp contact. The faster you pivot your body around your left leg, the higher and farther the ball will go.

Golf Digest January 2009


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