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Breaking 100: Avoid the pop-up by staying wide
Created on 10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM

When it comes to having too many swing thoughts, 100-shooters are usually the worst. The reason tips work is because they replace the 15 things you were thinking about with one thought. It might not be the perfect cure, but it does free your mind. To break 100, you need a few reminders about striking the ball better and saving strokes.

Avoid the pop-up by staying wide

If you're hitting drives that leave scuff marks on the top of your driver, your left arm might be collapsing in the backswing. This narrows the arc of the swing and forces a steep downswing that pops the ball up. For better contact and a more penetrating trajectory, think "stay wide" in your backswing. At the top, feel as if you're pushing your hands away from your chest.

200 yards = 2 wedge shots

The wedge is the easiest club in the bag to hit because the loft of the club not only gets the ball airborne but also produces backspin, which reduces sidespin. So if you're 200 yards out, you might be better off trying to hit two 100-yard shots to the green than one 200-yard shot. Use my 70-percent rule. If you can't execute the shot you want to hit seven out of 10 times, don't try it. Think "200 yards equals two wedges." As a side benefit, you'll become a better wedge player, a major key to scoring.

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